Amid the Covid 19 crisis there have been so many opportunities lost in so many ways.

We want to offer some good news! As the Ontario State of Emergency restrictions are easing - we have found a safe way to offer a new horse show experience.

We have guidelines from Equestrian Canada and Ontario Equestrian, spoken with our respective Public Health units and we are able to provide a modified show season which will allow participants to train and compete. 

Please note we are unable to offer food/beverage service until further notice - please bring your own.

Protocols will include, but not limited to:


How it will work

  1. Select Tickets
    Friday 12:01am you can select tickets for the show that day and it will simultaneously send the attestation.
  2. Get a QR Code
    You will then get a QR code on your phone, an 'e-ticket' which your COVID-19 check-in/compliance staff will verify by scanning using Yapsody.

    Why are tickets not available until 12:01am on the day-of?
    The reason why tickets are not available until 12:01 on the day-of, is the attestation is a daily one. Patrons need to validate they are without symptoms each day they enter the premises. This cannot be done a week or days beforehand.
  3. Entry Check Point Screening
    - Each person entering the property must have submitted the official OE Waiver
    - Each person entering must be accounted for on the Contact Tracing List
    - If you are not on the Contact Tracing List, or haven't submitted the waivers, you will not be permitted to enter.
  4. COVID-19 Participant Checklist
    This must be completed prior to arrival
  5. Zone Divisions
    Strict "zone divisions" will be implemented on the property to control the size of the gathering.
  6. Sanitization
    - Porta Potties and hand washing stations will be available and sanitized routinely throughout the day
    - Hand sanitizers will be available at various locations on the property
  7. Social Distancing
    Strict social distancing will be enforced at the office, with floor markers, separate entry and exit points
  8. Essential Participants Only
    Only essential participants will be allowed - trainer/rider/groom (parent/guardian if minor).
    No general public admission.
  9. Mandatory Face Coverings
    Face covering are mandatory indoors and advised outdoors by everyone while not mounted on a horse.
  10. "Show & Go"
     Please arrive close to your assigned competition time and depart as soon as possible
  11. Braiding
    Braiding is optional - NOT MANDATORY
  12. Ribbons
    Ribbons will be awarded, however there will not be the usual presentation - a self serve basis will be instituted
Anyone not abiding by the safety protocols will be removed from the property

Elaine Goldsmith - JHHS Show Administrator
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Ken Denouden - Show Manager
cell: 416-409-8614

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