Equestrian Canada Updates has new requirements for purchasing Temp memberships

Any competitors arriving at the show without proof of the appropriate memberships/horse recordings for their divisions MUST PURCHASE A TEMPORARY LICENSE AND/OR HORSE RECORDING.

**Temporary licenses at $79.00 and Singe Event Upgrades are available for purchase directly through the competitors MyEC portal.

There is a flat rate of $50 per upgrade, regardless of levels being upgraded.

Competitions are not to administer these purchases directly.

All competitors/owners/coaches who do not have the appropriate level of license must login to purchase the upgrade before competing at the event. 

Please note that allowing individuals to participate without a proper sport license may result in fines for both the event and the competitor/owner/coach. 

Temporary Horse Recordings are still to be purchased via the competition for 2024 at a cost of $79.00.**  

EC has also has new rules regarding Coach Status – please see the attachment.


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