1) This rule is applicable to all competitors at EC sanctioned events an applies to falls/accidents that occur at the event location.

2) In the event of a fall/accident where a concussion can be reasonably expected, (not limited to a direct blow to the head or loss of consciousness), the competitor must receive medical clearance by qualified medical personnel in writing before returning to play. The competitor is solely responsible for ensuring the medical exam takes place. If the competitor refuses to be evaluated, he/she is disqualified from the event.

3) If the qualified medical personnel suspects a concussion (regardless of symptoms displayed), or believes that the competitor may be at risk of concussion due to the nature of the fall or impact, the competitor is eliminated from competition until medically released, as outlined in paragraph 6 below.

4) In the case of the preceding paragraphs, an EC Accident/Injury Report Form must be completed by the attending Steward or Technical Delegate with the Medical Examination addendum (completed by the attending medical professional) and submitted to EC within 24 hours of the occurence. It is the Steward's / Technical Delegate's responsibility to ensure forms are submitted on time.

5) Any competitor eliminated from competing further at the event on the basis of any of the preceding paragraphs will be placed on a medical suspension list, managed by EC, until medically released as in the process described in paragraph 6.

6) In the event a competitor is determined ineligible to compete per one of the above conditions, the competitor must submit an EC Medical Release Form completed by a licensed physician. Medical Release Forms will be processed by EC within 2 business days, at which point the competitor will be removed from the EC Medical Suspension list and may return to regular competition.

7) No competitor shall compete in an EC sanctioned event while on the EC Medical Suspension list. It is the responsibility of the competitor to refrain from competition and the responsibility of the competition organizer to refuse entry to anyone currently on the EC Medical Suspension List.


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