New schooling ring protocols:

The jumps will be flagged (red on right) and all horses are to jump on the same rein, flat riders are also to ride on that rein. The flags will change between classes or if traffic is light and all
coaches involved agree.
Spectators, extra bodies and standing horses are not allowed as they can crowd the area for
horses trying to warm up and slows the process
Actively warming-up horse/rider combinations only.
One ground person/coach for each horse.
No equipment(coolers) left near jumps.
Ride on same rein as jumping horses.
Walking horses on inside track only.
Obey flags, share jumps.
Thank you for respecting these rules - we want everyone to have a pleasant, fun and Safe experience.

Elaine Goldsmith - JHHS Show Administrator
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Ken Denouden - Show Manager
cell: 416-409-8614

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